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Stress And Hair loss

t’s no myth that stress causes hair loss. If you’re constantly on the go and not taking any time to wind down, your stressful lifestyle could be wreaking havoc on your hair. Incidents such as accidents, the death of a loved one, emotional isolation, severe psychological stress, or other traumatic events can cause your hair to shed prematurely.


Hair will not shed immediately. Instead you may see hair loss about three months after the onset of your stress. Large amounts of hair can seem to fall out all at once, and for no discernable reason since several months will have passed since the event that triggered the initial hair loss.

Stress can cause the body to go into a kind of survival mode in which it only produces things vital for the body to survive. During these times, hair may not only shed but production may stop entirely.

Stress also increases cortisol levels and induces the hormone changes that are responsible for hair loss. By learning and practicing effective stress-management techniques you can help yourself to reduce the severity of the symptoms and restore hair to its previous quality.


How Do You Stop Stress From Wrecking Havoc on Your Hair?


  1. Clear physical stressors from your life: Identify physical stressors and let your body heal them. If you have just gone through intense physical trauma, give your body time to heal itself before expecting to see hair growth. Once your body is healed, you should begin to see hair growth again.
  2. Clear emotional stress from your life.Learn how to manage the normal stress that your body produces as a result of daily activities and unexpected occurrences.
  3. Get Active: Exercise is a great way to release pent-up stress. Jogging, swimming, lifting light weights, or even walking is part of a healthy lifestyle. It will help your body process foods and vitamins, sleep better, and reduce large amounts of stress.

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