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Hormones and Hair Growth: Pregnancy

There is a misconception that pre-natal supplements cause hair growth, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that taking prenatal vitamins can help hair or nails grow longer, faster or stronger.  Credit actually goes to your hormones for that pregnancy glow and amazing skin. The increased blood circulation and your pumped-up metabolism that are bringing more nutrients to your hair and nails also deserve some thanks.

 You may find that your hair feels fuller and nails stronger when you’re pregnant. But you’re not actually growing more hair (and the strands themselves aren’t any thicker) – you’re just losing it more slowly than you usually do.   Some women also notice that their hair becomes shinier during pregnancy or that it changes in texture (curly hair might become straighter, for example).

Contrary to popular belief this is not due to the pre-natal pills your are taking.  What is true is that for a few months during pregnancy, women have the fullest, richest heads of hair they’ll have in their entire lives. At this time estrogen and progesterone are both high, so more hair is in the growth stage at the same time. About three months after delivery, the percent of shedding hairs goes back up to 15 percent. As all those synchronized hairs enter the resting phase together, it can look like you’re suddenly losing all your hair. Don’t panic! Once the hair starts to regrow, all will return back to normal.

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