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The 3 Worst Myths About Growing Your Hair







You’ve probably heard them all!  We’re talking about those “rules” to growing long, strong hair.  There are so many different tips and tricks out there that in can be confusing which ones are actually effective.  No need to worry anymore.  Here’s the real scoop about growing your hair.

Prenatal Vitamins Will Grow My Hair - Ehhh probably not.  Prenatal vitamins are not
that different from your everyday multivitamin.  The reason this myth is so popular is that many pregnant women experience thicker or shinier hair during pregnancy.  If fact, we often use the phrase “pregnancy glow” to describe the luminosity of skin, hair, and nails during pregnancy.   However, this “glow” is not due to prenatal vitamins. In reality, elevated estrogen levels and other changing hormones during pregnancy are really responsible to the differences in hair, skin, and nails.  

Get Regular Trims For Longer Hair- Many of us have probably been advised to get regular haircuts and trims to grow our hair.  It actually not necessary.  Getting rid of split ends won’t make your hair grow faster, but you will see your length better.  You see, if you let split ends fester, they will continue to split down the hair shaft and cause breakage and shedding.  So if you have split ends, you should trim them, but if you don’t have split ends there’s no reason to get a haircut or trim.

Greasing Your Scalp for Long HairWhile it’s important to keep you hair moisturized to prevent dryness and breakage, petroleum and oil heavy “greases” like Miracle Grow or Blue Magic actually clog pores and cause buildup.  These greases do more harm than good by causing inflammation and hindering growth environments for your hair.  Try to avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oil or petroleum jelly for best results.


Now that you know what WON’T work to grow your hair.  Here’s what will...

Improve Your Diet- Most people think healthy-looking hair is all about external factors like the protective styling or the products you use. In actuality, what you eat affects your hair more than than these products and habits.  It takes your body a lot of energy to grow hair and it needs nutrients to do so.  Make sure you’re getting the crucial vitamins for hair growth.

Focus on Emotional Health - Stress hormones are powerful. Approximately one third of those who struggle with anxiety or stress experience hair loss, thinning, and balding. Most see this reversed when they reduce their stress, deal with their anxiety issues, and give their bodies sufficient time to recover.  

Get Proper Nutrients - Many of us are unknowingly suffering from vitamin deficiencies due to digestion issues, poor nutrition, stress, and absorption problems. You should find a supplement that is especially formulated for hair growth.  Biotin alone won’t grow your hair.  In fact too much of this one vitamin can cause adverse reactions!  A true hair growth supplement has a sustainable mix of vitamins developed to support healthy hair growth.  

If you’d like to learn more tips to grow healthy hair. Download Fulfillity Hair’s Ultimate Hair Growth Guide.

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