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Sex With the Bonnet On or Off?

We women spend so much money on makeup, hair products, and other beauty items to look our best at all times.  For those of us who have embraced the natural hair lifestyle, we can also attest to the the long hours spent on bantu knots, wraps, twists,  and other night time routines.  

But with so much money and time spent preparing to look beautiful the next morning, what do you do at night?  We’re talking at night-night when the hubby is looking extra good?  Do you do the deed in your Ceely twists or take the L and risk ruining your hair for the next morning?

We asked this hilarious question to a few women in our Facebook Group.  Here’s what they said.


"I cannot do the Ceely!  I have a satin pillow, so after we’re done I just leave it out and sleep on it and do a pineapple style the next day."


"I leave it out... I like when he grabs my hair, but if he wakes me up it stays in whatever protective style it's already"


"Definitely leave it out.  But he always seems to awake me in need. So silk bonnet stays on.  You get what you ask for! LOL"


"I'm not thinking about my hair... and that wash and go is a regular regardless. My hair will not impede my accessibility to my husband. Sometimes I already have my hair tied in a scarf, but if it isn't... oh, well. And sometimes that scarf gets lost! But yeah, I will do the do and then worry about my do after."


"Girl... I’ve got a go-to ponytail for that.   My hair will NOT stop me from loving on my man. It has to be serious if I'm not going to engage. It sure won't be about what I'm gonna do with my hair."


"I like my hair pulled so I usually won't even put it up if I'm in the mood:) I'll at least put it in a pineapple before I fall asleep though!"


"Lol We do it in my bonnet 😂😂😂 I don't know we've been married for almost 6 years.  He knows how beautiful I am so no need to pretend like I’m not going to put it right back on."


"Depends... He knows the drill 1) Do he want me looking like Celie or Janelle Monae in the morning 2) Is it a weekday or weekend and lastly 3) if I jump on him anything goes😉"


"I'm not having happy time when I'm sleeping, so I put a scarf or bonnet on before I go to sleep. If the bonnet is on, boy it’s already too late."



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