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Our Story

Hi! My name is Dayo and I am the creator of Fulfillity Hair. I want to share with you WHY I created Fulfillity.

The idea behind Fulfillity Hair actually started three years ago. After a really difficult relationship ended, I spent about a year in a deep depression and struggled with anxiety. It was not a good time.

It was around then that I started to notice that my hair was thinning and in some places it was even balding. I panicked and shaved off half of my head in this cute Cassie style and wore extensions.

Problem solved right? Not really.  

Eventually the thinning got so bad that that I couldn’t even clip in my extensions in. So I just shaved it all off. But even with a short cut, you could still see the bald patches in my hair.

So I spent an entire year exclusively wearing head wraps and cool hats to hide the damage. 

I was fly (lol) but no one had a clue how much I was struggling...  PLUS I had NO IDEA what was wrong.

I tried vitamins from two other companies, castor oil, Rogaine, scalp massages, and even yeast infection cream! (I was desperate)

Nothing worked.

It wasn’t until I met a holistic doctor, who suggested that I change my diet and really work on my emotional health, that things began to change.

When I first met with my doctor I thought, if food and these little exercises could make my hair grow back I’m sure I would have found it on Youtube by now, but after a year of shame and embarrassment I had nothing to lose .

So I followed his instructions, improving my diet and working on my stress. This is going to sound crazy, but I saw results almost immediately. I'm talking, within a week my hair started filling out. 

This is after 2 weeks of taking vitamins and doing mindfulness activities

After a year of stress and struggle I was amazed. Food and self-care? WTF?! So I started doing research of my own and learned how diet and emotions directly affect hair growth. My doctor was right all along. I couldn’t believe it. More importantly, why didn’t anyone tell me this before?
So that’s when I created Fulfillity. It’s my way of sharing with you what no one ever told me.

Fulfillity Hair is a “Total Approach” to beauty. I spent a year creating supplements specifically formulated to grow longer, thicker hair.

Not only are the supplements amazing, but we also give you tools to improve your diet and address your emotional health because these have an even bigger impact than protective styles and expensive products.

So I want to invite you to try Fulfillity.  You’ll get 30 days worth of supplements, our 21 Day challenge workbook which has an eating guide, shopping lists, recipes, daily stress relief activities- basically everything you need to kick-start a lifestyle that supports beauty.

I even created a private Facebook group that you’ll be invited to join once you purchase so you can get and give support.

No pressure though! I just wanted to share my story with you.

And as always #befulfilled

Dayo , Founder of Fulfillity Hair